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About Our High Quality Cabinets

Consistent Finish

Finish is the first thing you see and is one of the most important parts of a cabinet. Our cabinets have a consistent, high quality, durable painted finish. Our factory finish has a superior scratch resistance compared to custom painted cabinets.

1/2 Inch Thick Plywood Boxes

Unlike some cabinets that have thin carcasses, our cabinets come with 1/2 inch thick plywood boxes. This is a must in our book, as particleboard boxes simply don't meet our standards for strength.

Full Overlay Doors and Drawers

Our cabinets have full overlay five-piece doors and drawer fronts. The doors and drawers cover/overlay the faceframe. Our five-piece doors and drawer fronts feature 3/4” stiles and rails.

Dovetail Drawers

Our drawers are dovetailed for strength and have hardwood on all sides. Dovetail drawers provide optimum strength and fit for the drawers in your kitchen.

Drawer Glides

We use DTC® soft-close undermount drawer glides. These drawer glides are far superior to side mounted drawer slides as they are easy to remove and install with the undermount latch system, and feature easy adjustment for that perfect look. No more oily, pinched fingers or misaligned drawers.

Door Hinges

We use DTC® soft-close six-way adjustable European style hinges. Six-way adjustability makes it easy to have all of your doors perfectly aligned.

Natural Interior Finish

The interior of our cabinets is a natural birch finish with an ultraviolet protective coating. This gives the interiors a consistent, high quality, durable finish.

3/4 Inch Thick Shelves

All of our shelves are 3/4 inch thick. Why compromise with 1/2 inch thick shelves when you can get 3/4 inch thick shelves?