This artist rendering may feature optional color-matched side skin panels and toe kick moulding, available for separate purchase here. Please refer to the description for more details.

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Shelf Top Finished 1.25” plywood Countertop, Shelf or Crown for Lanae Modular Shelving

Shelf Top Finished 1.25” plywood Countertop, Shelf or Crown for Lanae Modular Shelving


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  • This countertop is made from plywood with a smooth painted surface. It is not intended to be used near water or in high traffic areas. It is perfect for a closet or pantry but not for a kitchen countertop.
  • Place this Shelf Top on top of a cabinet or on top of our Vertical Shelving Sides to make a custom shelving unit of your own design
  • Modular closet top made of 3/4” birch plywood with 1-1/4” high edge on all sides
  • comes in 25 1/2" to 94 1/2" 
  • 13” deep (fits our 12” deep vertical shelving sides or 12" wall cabinets),  25” deep (fits our 24” deep vertical shelving sides or 24" deep base/wall cabinets). The 24" can be cut down to fit our 18" vertical shelving sides
  • Features:
    • A consistent, high quality, durable painted finish
    • ¾-inch thick shelving made of cabinet-grade plywood
    • 1-¼-inch hardwood birch sides
    • Cut-to-size
  • Learn more about our cabinets here
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Optional skin panels

Universal Box

Our cabinet main boxes/carcasses are universal with white painted exterior sides. Only the Fronts (Face Frame, Doors and Drawer fronts) will be finished in your selected color, or stain. If any sides of your cabinets will be exposed, you will want to order a color matched skin panel for the exposed side/s.

White cabinets, glass door cabinets, and spice drawer cabinets come with pre-matched sides and do not require skin panels.

Each cabinet will come in two boxes: a carcass box and a front box. For example, C-B36-WHT and F-B36-BLK.

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